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The BookCosy Site Rules

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  • How does The BookCosy book club work?
    We all take it in turns to chose a book for the group to read. There are no stipulations about what books can or cannot be chosen but as a whole we tend to stick with popular fiction. The books are given out at the end each meeting normally followed by tea and cake. We aim to meet every month to discuss the book we have all (hopefully finished) reading and to explore the themes/questions that may have arisen in the book. We then give each book a score out of 10. These scores are then added together, divided by the amount of people giving a score to derive our group average score. Click here to read more of our story.
  • Can I join The BookCosy book club?
    At the moment The BookCosy is only an online community. So feel free to grab yourself our monthly selected book in your local bookstore and write your opinion/review on our blog once you have read it. We love reading other people's reviews on books we have read!
  • Where can I write my opinion of a book?
    We would love to hear your opinion on a BookCosy book choice! You can privately send an email to us either by using the Contact Form or emailing Otherwise if you want to make a public comment: 1. Go to our blog, and find the blog post of the book you want to write your review of 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page 3. Click on 'Log In to leave a comment!' 4. Sign up 5. Comment away!
  • Can I send The BookCosy my book to read?
    If you are a published author, we would love you to send us a book to read and review on our website. Please fill out our online form and we will try to get back to you and sort arrangements.
The BookCosy Review Policy

We at The BookCosy are always happy to receive books from authors or publishers although we cannot guarantee we will be able to review every book we receive or within a set time frame, unless agreed in writing. We will try to review books as a group (if enough copies are sent) or individually and will give our honest opinion, no request or exchange of payment is required. We will accept most genres and formats, although paperback is our preferred preference. We will only review books on our blog that we have finished. If you would like us to review a book please complete our online form


You can also send us an email at with the book title as the subject followed by

Title and Author of book / Publisher/ Genre / Blurb / Format / Page Count / Publication Date

Preferred date of review (to see if we can meet time frame)

Group review or individual (name the reviewer if you have a preference)


We look forward to hearing from you!

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