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Do No Harm by Jack Jordan

I am delighted to be on the Random Things Tours of Do No Harm by Jack Jordan.



My son has been taken. And I’ve been given a choice… Kill a patient on the operating table. Or never see him again.

The man lies on the table in front of me. As a surgeon, it’s my job to save him. As a mother, I know I must kill him. You might think that I’m a monster. But there really is only one choice. I must get away with murder. Or I will never see my son again.

Could you kill another person to save your own child?

When heart surgeon Dr Anna Jones returns home to find her son kidnapped, she is forced to make an impossible choice. Kill a high-profile patient on the operating table, or never see her son again.

Told from the perspectives of Anna, her scrub nurse, Margot, who has her own secrets to protect and DI Rachel Conaty, Anna must first make the impossible decision…




I absolutely loved the premise of this novel; a mother needing to get her son back but in return having to do something that is the complete juxtaposition of her working life: to kill rather than to save a life.

Do No Harm is a fast-paced, terrifying read. From the moment Anna returns home and discovers her house filled with men installing cameras in every room she knows she has stepped into a nightmare. A nightmare for any parent. Her son has been taken and her next door neighbour murdered. In order to get him back she must kill her next patient and get away with it. Having no other option Anna sets out to not only commit a crime that will affect her entire career but also her life. Although you can see the turmoil that Anna faces and feels she remains level-headed, calm and almost callous. Her only focus, getting her son back.

Scrub nurse Margot has her own problems and I felt I warmed to her more than Anna. Hearing about her harrowing childhood and the situation she finds herself in allowed me to feel sympathetic towards her, and helped me comprehend her erratic and destructive behaviour. I did like it when the pair teamed up, even though it was a recipe for disaster.

DI Rachel Conaty, a women determined to solve the murder of a seemingly 'normal' law-abiding citizen finds herself drawn to Anna as the prime suspect and is convinced that there is more going on. But to prove this she must delve deep, opening up wounds and facing her own traumas that she carries with her.

I was hooked from the opening page; three women all with their own backstories made this an addictive read. There were some shocking moments, twists that I just didn't see coming and I had no idea how this story would end. Jordan takes you on a mesmerising journey through some of the characters' most darkest times. There is hope that shines through but you are never sure which direction the story will go in or who to believe. I wanted Conaty to gain back the trust of her colleagues and be victorious but in order for her to do this would jeopardise Anna's success in getting her son back. I was left with so many contrasting emotions towards the character which allowed me to become very invested in the novel. The ending had me in disbelief and shock; what a dramatic way to pull the reader in and then let go with a bang! But it was the closing pages that left me cold, what a devious note to leave hanging in the air, and such a powerful tool for discussion. This would make the perfect book club read, providing lots of thought-provoking discussions. A pure winner in my eyes.

Many thanks to Random Things Tour and Simon and Schuster for inviting me to join the blog tour and to Jack Jordan for writing such a twisted thriller which I thoroughly enjoyed.



Jack Jordan is the global bestselling author of Anything for Her, My Girl, A Woman Scorned, Before Her Eyes, and Night by Night and an Amazon No.1 bestseller in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

After selling at auction in the UK and numerous foreign territories, Do No Harm is set to be the thriller of the summer in 2022.

The idea for Do No Harm came to Jack after undergoing a minor medical procedure where he had to be sedated and trust strangers with his welfare. After the anaesthesia wore off, Jack began scribbling his notes, wondering to himself just how iron-clad a surgeon’s oath is, and what it would take to break it…

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