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Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane



Two innocent children growing up alongside one another then divided by family conflict and trauma.

Peter and Kate's life couldn't be more different, the only things they have in common are the place where they live and their father's job. As the pair get older a tragedy occurs and the two soul mates find themselves separated.

In the coming years they seek comfort in one another and are reunited but can the past stay in the past and can forgiveness and peace be made?


My Thoughts:

This was an interesting read delving into the themes of mental health, alcoholism, neglect, forgiveness, family and love. It was well written with credible characters. I loved the way Keane developed each of the characters and by the end made you question who were in fact the victims. I also loved how the title was revealed towards the end, this was a real 'ahh' moment for me.

This would be a great book club book as it would spark lots of discussion, especially about the role each character had to play in the novel.

Things I loved about the book:

  • The Characters were realistic, believable and you became a part of their lives. You were routing for them to do well, to reunite and to find their happiness and peace.

  • The story-line keep you wanting to read on. I could picture it vividly and was like watching a film unravelling before my eyes whilst reading the lines off the page.

  • The themes. This was a real mixture and some were a surprise when they were slowly revealed. I loved how these themes were introduced, explored and allowed the reader to question previous sections read and to find clues/triggers which weren't obvious during the initial read.



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Thank you to Penguin UK - Michael Joseph and NetGalley for a copy of this ebook in return for an honest review.

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