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Scaredy Bat by Jonathan Meres and Anders Frang

SYNOPSIS: When Little Bat can't sleep one morning, Middle Bat and Big Bat are quick to tease and accuse him of being scared of the light. There's only one thing for it. Little Bat will have to leave the old oak tree, all by himself, and prove them wrong. But will he come face to face with the Bogey Bat? Is Little Bat really a....Scaredy Bat? A story about letting go and conquering your fears.

A brand new 'batty' picture book from the pen of award-winning author of the hugely successful 'World of Norm' book series, Jonathan Meres. Jonathan's lyrical and engaging text is complimented by up-and coming illustrator Anders Frang. Together they have created a whimsical visual feast of a story for three - to six-year-olds.

Publisher: Little Door Books ISBN: 9781916205406 Number of pages: 28 Dimensions: 240 x 240 x 4 mm



What a gorgeous picture book. I loved the twist of having a nocturnal animal not being able to go to sleep and being scared of the day! Little Bat's bravery and determination to prove to Middle Bat and Big Bat that he wasn't a scaredy bat was both admirationable and risky at the same time. This definitely would lead to lots of discussions about peer pressure, doing the right thing and moving out of your comfort zone.

The illustrations are cute and very fitting to the story. I particularly love how Anders Frang has captured the emotions of the bats in his illustrations. The pure delight in Little Bat's face when he leaves the hollow of his tree to explore the daylight hours is beautiful and is a complete contrast to that of Middle Bat and Big Bat's expression whilst waiting for Little Bat to return.

This would make a stunning book to share and explore both in the classroom and at home. Much praise to the author and illustrator in creating a picture book with loveable characters, an engaging story with a great mix of rhyming words in the text.

Many thanks to Little Door Books for gifting me a copy of Scaredy Bat to read and review ahead of publication, and for inviting me to join the blog tour. I cannot wait to read this with my EYFS and KS1 class. I know they will love it as much as I do.

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