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Scorpion by Christian Cantrell



All over the world, random people are being brutally assassinated.

Each death is unique, but they all have one thing in common: four numbers branded or carved into the victims' flesh.

What does it mean?

For the brilliant and haunted CIA analyst Quinn Mitchell, it means leaving a safe and predictable desk job as she tries to track down a global serial killer.

What she doesn't know is that nothing about this mission - her handlers, the intelligence, even the laws of cause and effect - can be trusted.

And her target has saved his most shocking murder for last . . .



Scorpion was a mind-blowing read. A futuristic, techno thriller had me questioning and admiring the mind of Cantrell. The intricate details of both the plot and the technology in which the CIA and assassin used to carry out their missions, was very cleverly thought-out and written. At no point in time did I anticipate where the novel was heading, and with so many twists and turns that messed with my mind I completely surrendered to Cantrell's ability to transport me to a different time and place.

I loved the cat-and-mouse chase between the CIA and the killer and the way in which this book challenged me and my perception of things. The characters were realistic and likeable, drawing me into the story-line further. With each character having their own backstory laden with trauma it was easy to feel sympathetic towards them and almost understand their choice of actions. The characterisation in this novel was a welcome break from all the scientific and technological jargon that I sometimes struggled to comprehend. Without giving anything away, this novel is a real mix of crime fiction, futuristic drama and a thriller. No review I can write will truly do this book justice, you will have to read it to fully experience the devious mind of Cantrell.

Many thanks to Christian Cantrell for the roller-coaster ride, to Kallie Townsend and Michael Joseph, Penguin for inviting me to join the blog tour.

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