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Snooze by Eilidh Muldoon


Feeling tired after a busy day?

But you can't sleep?

Then Snooze is the perfect book for you!

It will explain how to get the

best sleep ever.


My Thoughts:

This book is packed with lots of tips on how to get a great night sleep and is a perfect self-help guide to both children and parents. I think we all take for granted that in the evenings we go to bed and therefore go to sleep. However, with busy and stressful lives this is not always something that is guaranteed. As adults, I think we have all experienced a time in our lives where physically falling asleep has been a real challenge and for children this too can be a real problem. Noise, over stimulation, over tiredness and not wanting to sleep are just some of the problems which can have a real impact on our little ones. Snooze is a perfect bed-time read to help children take some ownership of their bedtime routine and acknowledge what things will help them drift off to sleep.

What I love about this picture book is the message it is portraying in a fun and child-friendly manner. There is plenty of subtle humour in the book which won't disturb the calming words of the story. The illustrations are colourful with familiar characters that children will be able to relate to. For younger children, the characters will offer an opportunity to name and make animal noises; for older children, the rich vocabulary will offer a chance to discuss the meaning of any 'new' words and build upon their own growing vocabulary.

Madison's Thoughts (aged 7):

I really liked this book and it actually made me feel tired!!! It was a lovely soothing story and one that would be a great bedtime story.

The pictures are lovely to look at. I especially liked the owl and found it funny how the other animals kept interrupting his bedtime routine.

I definitely felt tired after reading this book and liked how it gave you tips on what to do to help you settle down for the night. I am looking forward to seeing my cousin so I can read him this book before bed. I know he will love looking at all the animals on the different pages and help him go to sleep.


Many thanks to Little Door Books for sending me a gifted copy of Snooze in return for my honest review. We look forward to reading more books by this author in the future.


About The Author:

Eilidh Muldoon is the illustrator of the best-selling series of Scottish colouring books. Snooze is her first English language picture book. Eilidh was the author in residence at the 2019 Edinburgh International Book Festival. Her wonderfully stylised illustrations bring to life this lovely tale about a poor little owl who just can't get to sleep.

Publisher: Little Door Books

ISBN: 9781999955694

Number of pages: 28

Visit to download a free audio-book and specially written song.

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