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The Bone Ranger by Louisa Bennet

SYNOPSIS: Meet Monty, the food-obsessed, naughty, and totally lovable Golden Retriever who will do anything for his owner, Detective Constable Rose Sidebottom.

Of course, as these things go, Monty is no ordinary dog and Rose is no ordinary hooman.

Monty has a super-smart nose; while Rose has an uncanny ability to know when people are lying. Together they make a formidable team.

But Rose is battling anxiety and her boss has put her on sick leave. When a stranger begs for their help to find a missing person, little do they know their adventure will lead on a trail of mystery, mayhem, and murder...



This charming novel was the perfect read after the end of term busyness and the lead-up to Christmas. Although The Bone Ranger is the second book in the Monty Dog Detective series it can also be read as a stand-alone.

Rose is a detective working for the Major Crimes unit; due to a recent traumatic case, which nearly cost Rose her life, she is on sick leave and can only return back to work once the psychiatrist gives her a clean bill of health. As of yet, Rose hasn't attended any appointments. During a routine visit to the supermarket, Rose is stopped by a young woman who recognises her, and her dog, from solving a recent murder case. She asks for Rose's help in finding her friend who has gone missing. Adamant that she doesn't want to go to the police Rose calls her work colleague Joe to help her look into the case.

Over the course of the next few days Rose finds herself emerged in a murder investigation (albeit on the sidelines and without the support of her former boss and colleagues), a suspicious farmer, a series of dognapping in the local area and in helping a young boy escape the thugs who threaten to hurt him. This is just the distraction that Rose needs and a way of avoiding her psychiatrist appointments. With the help of her faithful crime-seeking dog, Monty, and her friends Joe and Malcolm the vet, Rose sets off on a mission to solve the recent crimes and in doing to prove to her boss that she is fit to return to the job the loves.

This cosy mystery was very endearing and quite the page-turner. I loved how the chapters were split between Rose and Monty and how the author truly captured the voice of Monty. You can tell that Bennet is a dog owner and any dog lover will appreciate how she has completely captured the spirit and personality of a dog through her storytelling and depiction of Monty. I must admit when reading I often thought about my own dog and would laugh along at some of the things that Monty was 'saying'.

A clever read for anyone who enjoys cosy mysteries, is a dog lover or a pet owner. This book made me smile, kept me entertained and was a fantastic read. Many thanks to Louisa Bennet for gifting me a copy of The Bone Ranger. I will look forward to more in the Monty Dog Detective series.

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