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The Dorp Rescue by KC Hayes


Dorps are charming chubby little creatures, just over two thirds of a metre high and covered from the tip of their toes to the top of their little pointy heads in thick straggly white fur. They have long arms and large hands, short legs and wide-splayed feet - all the better for walking on deep snow. The only thing that sets them apart from Dorp copy-cats, is a tummy pouch in which they carry their food for the day.

When the small village of Dorpington is attacked by King Spink's terrifying, fearsome henchmen, the Stompers, it can mean only one thing - the villagers have all been dragged-off to work as slaves in the evil King's mines.

The only two surviving Dorps - Dongal and his little friend Doodle, are left with no-choice - they must set-off immediately on an amazing adventure to rescue their friends and families from the Stompers, armed only with their wits and... snowballs!



The Dorp Rescue is a charming picture book with gorgeous illustrations that will capture the imagination of its reader. Dongal and Doodle find themselves alone and their village destroyed, their mission - to find and rescue the rest of the Dorps, but in order to do so they must be courageous, determined and work together. As they travel through the snowy landscape they encounter many hazards and obstacles. Together the pair find solutions to the problems and dangers they face as they continue on with their rescue mission.

This is a fun, action-packed, adventure with a sprinkling of humour. The characters are cute and loveable, the setting, (I'm sure) will appeal to its reader, afterall who doesn't like snow? This is a longer picture book, perfect for those in KS1 or children aged between 6-9. There is a great mix of text and illustrations and very desirable for early readers to read themselves or those looking for a longer story to be read to.

Many thanks to Ventorros Press for gifting me an eBook in exchange for my honest view.

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